Indian soils have been used for growing crops over thousands of years without caring much of replenishing. This had led to depletion and exhaustion of soils resulting in their low productivity. Just as well nourished body is capable of doing any good jobs; a well nourished soil is capable of giving good yields. Excess use of chemicals not only affects the fertility of soil but also has many hazards.

For short period, it may yield maximum production and profit for farmers but if we look for long period then it wiped out the quality of the soil along with fertility of the soil, and make it only a piece of waste land.

These vivid issues of Indian Farmers bring an attention of the man, Shri Manoj Kumar Jain, who is the Founder of Sambhav Agro Industries, to consider these issues in depth and hence Sambhav Agro Industries came into existence.

And due to his diligent efforts, the consequences are the high quality seeds, granulated and liquid agro products, which are compatible for various kind of soil and are manufactured according to the requirement of the crop.

“SAMBHAV KA VAADA, FASAL MILE JYADA”, the commitment of Sambhav Family made to give maximum yield to the end users.

Being an agro based firm, the more emphasis is given to increase the yield along with maintaining the fertility of soil through adopting the procedures, where the required nutrient will be maintained and it will not harm the soil, plant and environment.

Sambhav Agro Industries is enthusiastically serving for the Indian Farmers since last three years and uncompromisingly working for the development of the land and cultivation.

Inventing new ideas of modern cultivation and finding better ways for high fertility of land containing its quality for year after years.











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